What People are Saying

Actual comments from people who have seen the show:

“What a powerful, moving show. Well done.”

“Civil War Voices was amazing!"

“Tonight’s performance of Civil War Voices was outstanding. Just a wonderful blend of voices."

“Civil War Voices is a must see” “Outstanding show!"

“After last night’s Civil War Voices I heard a man say that the only thing he would change is that “they need to schedule five-minute ‘cry breaks’ after some of the songs!” Such a profound show. Everyone is moved by the stories and the music."

“I want to tell you how very much my husband and I enjoyed Civil War Voices tonight. I have seen many plays…Cats, Chicago, Phantom, etc. But, I don’t think I ever was as mesmerized as I was watching this play. It was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.”

“I saw this show at Barter a few weeks ago and was blown away! I quickly added it to the Top 5 Best Shows I’ve Ever Seen list. And I’ve seen a lot of shows. Great job, Barter!”

“I could not resist telling you how much I enjoyed Civil War Voices. I am not a real Civil War buff but this was so nicely done. The stories were compelling and woven so well with wonderful music.  Loved it. Great Job.”

“ I saw Civil War Voices last night at Barter’s Stage II. Wow. Beautiful Production. Think this is the best show, vocally, I’ve seen. Amazing cast and music”

“Great show – This is one that I would enjoy seeing a second time!”

“Civil War Voices was amazing. A jump back in time with an array of characters, from both sides of the war, depicting the struggles of The Civil War all while following their own paths of romance, mystery, death and freedom. Would definitely recommend to anyone who could spare the money to go…”

“I went to Civil War Voices last night. It was amazing! It was very educational, it was funny, and the music with all the harmony – it was amazing!"

“I just saw Civil War Voices at stage II. The show was amazing, not a dry eye in the house. This is a powerful must-see!"

“This show has taken actual stories, letters and memoirs – combined them with period music and woven a beautiful show that gives heart to a time that almost tore us apart. We sat enthralled for the full two hours.”

“Civil War Voices is important. Everyone needs to see this amazing show. It will change you and the way you think about the Civil War forever. Brava and bravo to all the players in this production. “

“Civil War Voices was FABULOUS! The talent of the cast is amazing! Must See!!"

"I am speechless. What a magnificent effort. I absolutely loved the performance of CIVIL WAR STORIES this afternoon. OMG! What a beautiful show. Can’t wait to see it again."

"Civil War Voices...INCREDIBLE! So glad I was able to see this! Thank you ALL for telling the stories we needed to hear."

"It was awesome, thought provoking, tearful at times, fabulous singing, and definitely a must see, again!!!"
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