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Composer/ Arranger: Mark Hayes Mark Hayes, born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, is an award-winning concert pianist, composer, arranger, and conductor. His personal catalog of more than 1,200 publications includes works for solo voice, solo piano, multiple pianos, orchestra, jazz combo, small instrumental ensembles and choruses of all kinds. Hayes received a bachelor of music degree summa cum laude in piano performance from Baylor University in 1975. He has served as guest conductor at Carnegie Hall feature his Te Deum and  Magnificat. Hayes conducted the world premiere of his newest work for chorus, orchestra and narrator, The American Spirit, at Lincoln Center in May 2011. He is a recurring recipient of the ASCAP Standard Award and won first place in the 2010 John Ness Beck Foundation annual competition for published compositions. In June 2010, Hayes released his first CD of original songs titled  All is Well,  featuring Kansas City jazz artist, Monique Danielle. 

Book:  James R. Harris Several years ago, James R. Harris set out on a quest to understand the human side of the Civil War. Inspired by the discovery of the existence of a diary kept by a Civil War ancestor, the thought struck him of combining other true stories of the war with original, unique arrangements of the passionate music of the period. thus, the idea for Civil War Voices was born. Harris is a lawyer by profession and is a member of the Board of Governors for the American Association for Justice. He also has a great love of music and musical theatre. Harris has performed in more than 50 musical productions and is an accomplished singer. He accepted the award of Outstanding Production of a Musical for Civil War Voices at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City and was also honored to host numerous "talk backs" about the show in connection with the Barter Theatre's production and subsequent national tour. The show was written in honor of Harris' parents, John and Eleanor Harris.

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